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Imgur High Res Pics

All this time and I never thought of searching in Imgur for high-resolution pics :)

Link > Here

4GB of SFX

I had a 5 day trip to my country where you can find anything for cheap as they are either cracked or stolen. I am gonna share what I bought but please guys, like H2O always posts on their cracked applications: "Try Before Buy!"; Download and try them and whatever you're going to use commercially... Buy the original. I'm going to leave my paypal for the ones who would like to help me buy more stuff and share them on this blog. I'm removing this post in 3 days don't want to feel guilty a lot... Okay enjoy the Sound Effects... > Link to 4GB of SFX > My Paypal link

Fractal Animation with Chaotica

Chaotica is a fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists. Novice can enjoy editing randomized fractals and pro users will high-quality animation with real-time imaging controls.

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From PRE- to POST- Documentation

All sheets and authorization release forms required for your film production in a google slide presentation:

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