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Matte Transitions

Here's some Matte Transition clips from different sources.

>> Link 

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Re:Vision Effects

Here's a collection of plugins Re:Vision for Premiere Pro and After Effects: Shade Shaper, Twixtor, Fill, Video Gogh and more.

>> Link

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Transcribing with Trint

Transcribing video audio to create closed captioning is a tedious task for video editors — and one that is a growing necessity as auto-play videos in social news feeds use captioning to capture viewer’s attention even on mute. Could artificial intelligence could make that task a bit more streamlined? Trint has a new free plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CC that uses A.I. to automatically transcribe videos in a matter of minutes the company says.Sign Up for a free Trial >> Link:

ZBrush to Try Before Buy

As I always mention, if you like the software applications that I find somehow online, kindly go and buy it. These are just a "Try before Buy" cracks and hacks. ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing and painting.

>> Link to software

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YouTube Music

Here's a folder with all the free YouTube music that you can use - though I don't advise it.

>> Link

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After Effects CC2018 New Features

1.Cinema 4D in AE has been upgraded to r19 (live link, spline tools, physical rendering, body paint)
2.If you use mercury transmit for monitoring, you can now preview in 10-bit with suitable hardware
3.Under Character panel, ligatures and Hindi digits are added.
4.Export as animated GIF via media encoder
5.Remove the font missing window when opening a new project by going preferences > type
6.Center anchor point in new shape layers by going Preferences > General
7.Cycling between the 7 masks modes (if 2 masks are intersected) by pressing the equal key (=) forward and by pressing the dash key (-) to go backwards
8.Clear out disc caches
9.In the project pane, if u copy a comp, select a folder, and paste; the comp will be pasted inside the selected folder.
10.The Add, Match, and Remove Grain plugins are now 5x faster thanks to the GPU optimization
11.The Video Limiter plugin from Premiere Pro has been added to AE. This plugin is mostly used for older video systems like NTSC.

Templates & Sample Sheets's a collection of templates and sample sheets that you would use in productions and post: e.g. Artist Costing, Booking Form, Budget Sheet, Catering List, Crowd Analysis, and some agreement sheets:> Link(