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All Free Stock Photo Sites

Free Stock Photo Sites That Don’t Require a Subscription1. Pixabay What’s great about Pixabay is there’s no limit to how many photos you can download. Even better, the sky is the limit when it comes to categories of photos you can find. From styled flat lays to candids and everything in between, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for at Pixabay. 2. Unsplash Unsplash is one of my personal favorite websites to find free stock photos. Similar to Pixabay, you can find high-resolution photos in practically any category and the downloads are limitless. 3. Pexels I love Pexels for finding high quality stock photos. The colors are beautiful, the photo categories are diverse, and once again the downloads are limitless. Enjoy! 4. Foodiesfeed If you have a food blog or promote healthy eating on Instagram, Foodiesfeed is perfect for you. Food photography can be extremely difficult to nail but Foodiesfeed takes care of that for you. Find beautifully photographed food photos on Foodiesfeed for fre…

6 Websites with Textures to Download For Free

Quantity: 160+ PBR materials, 340+ 3D Scans, and many more
Quality: Up to 1K (Free), Up to 16+K (Premium)
Downloads per Day: 15 Credits/Maps per Day

By Joao Paulo
Quantity: around 400+
Quality: Up to 1K for Patrons (Premium) up to 4K
Downloads per Day: Unlimited

Quantity: 107
Quality: Up to 2K
Downloads per Day: Unlimited

Quantity: 62
Quality: Up to 8K
Downloads per Day: Unlimited

Quantity: 52
Quality: Up to 8K
Downloads per Day: Unlimited

By Struffel Productions
Quantity: 210+
Quality: Up to 8K
Downloads per Day: Unlimited

Audio Samples and Loops Collections

Here's a bunch of audio loops and samples for music artists:

>> Link (

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The Ultimate Collection for Music Producers

Hey guys, here's everything I used to work with/via/through/on when composing music. Some are a bit old but effective, and others new and not that bad! You'll find the best collection of audio plugins, sound loops, and much more. Please keep the "try it before you buy it" in mind, meaning; if you install a software application, a plugin, or anything that you like it to use in the future: Buy it. So kindly respect what this blog is all about.

You can find the link >> Here  ( key if asked: gwkvePK4K-VYQTMr27At8w
And here is another link full of apps and samples (
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The long and illustrious history of moving pictures all started with the zoetrope. Then there was the thaumatrope, the flip book, and my personal favorite, the phenakistoscope. And now we have (drumroll): The Internet

1. GoAnimate ( 2. Devolver ( 3. Animasher ( 4. Xtranormal (
5. Voki ( 6. Zimmer Twins (

10 Sites for Free Stock Photos (Updated for 2018)

With human brains processing images 60,000 times faster than text, good photos are vital for grabbing attention and getting your message across. But what do you do if you don’t have enough visual material?  Get it for free from one of these free stock photo websites: UnsplashGratisographyMorguefilePixabayStockvaultPexelsPicjumboPikwizardRawpixelReshot