Free Licensed Adobe InDesign Templates

Some of Adobe's free InDesign template collection: >> Link:


 If you don't have a account, here are a few torrent files that you may want for WIN PC and MAC: > Link :

What's New Pussycat? in Cinema 4D R21...

Here is the list of everything new in Cinema 4D R21: New licensing system for Cinema 4D.  New, improved caps surfaaces (e.g., for the Extrude object).  New UV transformation tool.  New auto-weighting for joints.  ProRender matierals can now a be made up of nodes  The Denoiser post effect can significantly speed up rendering.  New Vector volume type.  The Volume Builder can now also generate Volume Vectors (spatial vector distribution).  New Field Force object that creates forces from Fields.  Now volumes can be rendered with ProRender.  New Maxon License Server.  Offline Help is again available in addition to the existing offline Help.  New nodes for the Standard / Physical renderers. New display option for the viewport.  A mac menu bar can now be displayed  The texture view can now also be smoothed using antialiasing.  Modified functionality when starting Cinema 4D with minimal OpenGL display settings.  New adaptable asset query.  The new Quick Start Dialog window can be enabled or di

Free Royalty Free Videos For Compositing In These Sites...

Find Free Royalty Free Videos For Compositing in These following websites

Free After Effects Plugins from AEJuice

Free After Effects Plugins - AEJuice presents AEJuice Tools - a collection of best free plugins, packs, and scripts for After Effects to save you time and money. The total market value is $225. Download free AE plugins and install all of them with a single installer automatically. Enjoy! LINK >>

How to reset Premiere Pro Preferences?

Press and keep pressing the Alt/Option key when opening Premiere Pro. A dialogue will appear to reset the preferences. This Reset will affect: 1. the length of your default transitions 2. the brightness of the user interface 3. the label colors you've changed or renamed 4. the audio hardware settings 5. the workspace changes (such as resizing and moving panels) 6. and the Preferences that you set for scratch disks, however, are saved with your projects. Whenever you open a project, it automatically defaults to the scratch disks you selected for it when you set up that project. For more info, visit  

Torrent Files for Adobe Media Producers

Here's a collection of torrents (applications but mostly plugins and addons for After Effects and Premiwre Pro) you can choose from to download Link >>

All Boris FX Free Downloads

Here are all the free downloads from Boris FX: Link >>

Resolution Changer for After Effects

Infognition SuperResolution plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro allows to integrate SD footage shot at lower quality into higher definition projects (e.g. convert SD video into HD or HD to 4K).  Super-resolution  method used for video upscaling actively employs motion estimation and high frequency image data fusion, producing a clear and sharp result. Infognition SuperResolution is capable of upscaling videos to any desired resolution, instead of offering a limited choice from a list of preset options. The plugin uses the same super-resolution engine as  Video Enhancer  and our plugins for VirtualDub and AviSynth. The plugin obtains information from a number of neighbour frames to upsize each current frame. The algorithm analyzes and accumulates information, thus the more sequential frames are processed while upscaling, the higher quality you finally get. When first applied to a layer, Infognition SuperResolution takes just a few frames preceding the current one. LINK

MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Are you using the Graphic Esseentials in Premiere Pro? Just copy these MOGRT files into your Premiere Pro or import the ones  you want from your Graphic Essentials panel: Link >> Try before buy....

Envato Market Bundle

Here is an old collection of Envato Market Bundle that I found online Link >>

Free LEGIT After Effects Templates online

Aside from hacking and cracking paid templates for free from , you can visit for legit free ae templates: Velosofy: to find more than 900 free After Effects templates and EditorDepot: for unlimited downloads of templates, stock footage & design assets. Reference Link >>

HELVETICA fonts collection

Here you go... all Helvetica fonts in one folder: >>  Link ( helvetica bel ghosn ya 3osfour )

Send Big Files?

Like many ideas, Smash is the result of frustration: the services used to send files securely are too complicated and too expensive. This often leads employees in enterprises to resort to tools that are certainly simpler to handle, but they are not always secure and they rarely enhance the enterprise’s image. As for independent professionals who don’t have access to services reserved for enterprises, they are sometimes obliged to resort to less efficient services corrupted by advertising. In this game, nobody wins. Link:

AESCRIPTS collection for your AE Workflow

Here is a collection of AE add-ons and scripts that you'd need for a smoother workflow in After Effects... >> Link (

The USER EXPERIENCE "Fashion"...

WHAT THE HELL IS UX? The easiest way I learned and understood UX is by the following UX 5 FACTORS Questions... User Experience design is a process, and these lessons roughly follow that process, but you should always keep these five things in mind: Psychology, Usability, Design, Copywriting, and Analysis. Any one of these five ingredients could be a book of its own, so I will be oversimplifying a bit. This is supposed to be a crash course, not Wikipedia. Although to be fair, I’m pretty sure Wikipedia’s UX page was written by a guy who heard about UX once... at that thing... that time… Psychology A user’s mind is complex. You should know; you have one, (I assume). UXers work with subjective thoughts and feelings a lot; they can make or break your results. And the designer must ignore their own psychology sometimes, too, and that’s hard! Ask yourself: What is the user’s motivation to be here in the first place? How does this make them feel?

Download Ozone Imager V2 For FREE

Before you download: Please take a look at the  operating requirements  for Ozone Imager to be sure it will function properly on your system. Downloading: To install Ozone Imager, please follow these three simple steps: Choose which version of the product installer to download, PC or Mac. After you download, run the product installer. After you run the installer, load Ozone Imager in your host software. You will be prompted to authorize with your serial number. SERIAL : SN-OZONEFRIMG2-X6N7-CHJ8-H646-STE2 >> (MAC & WIN)  LINK :

Instalearn UX and UI Design

Here's a selection of images of documents and apps that teach you a whole lot about UX and UI Design: >> Link:

UI Adobe XD Components and Templates

I will be adding a selection of XD components and UI elements to this folder after every session I'd give this month. >> Link   ( )

Selection of the best Audio and Video Software Applications

Here's a list of the best software apps used in multimedia and films for audio and video production, You can download and install any app for free only and only if you would buy it if you'd want to continue using it: >> Link   ( Enjoy.

7 Free Sci-Fi Reaktor Ensemble

Hailing all sound design space-heads and astral-techno producers. Add some alien flavor to your beats, and beam some intergalactic waves into your sounds with these hand-picked instruments and effects. Because these ensembles are created by the incredible community over at the  REAKTOR User Library , they’re all 100% free-to-download and ready-to-use in  REAKTOR . MAXIMUM DRONE With variable filter modes, counters, and controlled pitched and wave modulators,  SpaceDrone MOD+++  is a sound generator that creates epic waves of noise, perfect for emulating the likes of Loscil or Ben Frost. Expect warped modulations of reverberated discords and cacophonies that will push your sound through black holes and to the outer edges of time. The futuristic drone sounds on tap here are nothing short of epic. Download SpaceDrone MOD+++ for free  here . ALIEN LANDSCAPE GENERATOR