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Send Big Files?

Like many ideas, Smash is the result of frustration: the services used to send files securely are too complicated and too expensive. This often leads employees in enterprises to resort to tools that are certainly simpler to handle, but they are not always secure and they rarely enhance the enterprise’s image. As for independent professionals who don’t have access to services reserved for enterprises, they are sometimes obliged to resort to less efficient services corrupted by advertising. In this game, nobody wins.


The USER EXPERIENCE "Fashion"...

The easiest way I learned and understood UX is by the following
UX 5 FACTORS Questions...

User Experience design is a process, and these lessons roughly follow that process,
but you should always keep these five things in mind:

Psychology, Usability, Design, Copywriting, and Analysis.

Any one of these five ingredients could be a book of its own, so I will be oversimplifying a bit.
This is supposed to be a crash course, not Wikipedia.

Although to be fair, I’m pretty sure Wikipedia’s UX page was written by a guy
who heard about UX once... at that thing... that time…


A user’s mind is complex. You should know; you have one, (I assume).
UXers work with subjective thoughts and feelings a lot; they can make or break your results.
And the designer must ignore their own psychology sometimes, too, and that’s hard!

Ask yourself:

What is the user’s motivation to be here in the first place? How does this make them feel? How much work does the user have to do to get what they …

Download Ozone Imager V2 For FREE

Before you download: Please take a look at the operating requirements for Ozone Imager to be sure it will function properly on your system. Downloading: To install Ozone Imager, please follow these three simple steps: Choose which version of the product installer to download, PC or Mac.After you download, run the product installer.After you run the installer, load Ozone Imager in your host software. You will be prompted to authorize with your serial number.SERIAL : SN-OZONEFRIMG2-X6N7-CHJ8-H646-STE2 >> (MAC & WIN) LINK: