Action Hits Toolkit: 70+ Free Action Compositing Elements

Here's what PremiumBeat has to say about the Toolkit:

With the Action Hits Toolkit — a pack of more than 70 dirt hits, spark hits, muzzle flashes, fantasy hits, and much more — you can finally craft that elaborate action scene you’ve been dreaming about. Perfect for VFX compositing and for adding excitement to your motion graphic design, this pack has a little bit of everything to help you bring some explosive power to your work.

The Action Hits Toolkit Includes the following:

13 dirt/dust hits.

17 spark hits and falling spark elements.

2 smoke hits.

5 fantasy/sci-fi hits.

3 muzzle flashes.

31 miscellaneous elements for creating your own effects (magic hits, orbs, spark circles, energy fields, etc.).


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